10 Crazy Hot Kissing Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

1. #1 The Adventure

#1 The Adventure
Source: vinesplanet

You don’t have to stick to the lips. Venture down to the chin, the neck, the ear lobes.


2. #2 Keep It Soft At First

#2 Keep It Soft At First
Source: vinesplanet

Lightly grazing the lips with a slightly open mouth is hot and effective.

3. #3 A Berry Good Idea

#3 A Berry Good Idea

#3 A Berry Good Idea
Source: vinesplanet

Eat a strawberry before kissing. These little berries active the sweet sensors in your mouth for an off the charts

4. #4 Hurts So Good

#4 Hurts So Good
Source: vinesplanet

Gently tug each others hair, or dig your nails into his back … the feel good endorphins that are released during kissing are amped up to rescue you from the pain.

5. #5 The Nibble

#5 The Nibble
Source: vinesplanet

Gently nibbling each others lips really ignites the fire between you.

6. #6 Spine Tingling Kiss

#6 Spine Tingling Kiss
Source: vinesplanet

Moisten your lips with some mint lip balm. Combined with your warm breath, it will give you both a tingly sensation that will ignite your fire.

7. #7 Steaming It Up

#7 Steaming It Up
Source: vinesplanet

Pressing your hips together during a kiss raises the intimacy level … among other things.

8. #8 Facial Intercourse

#8 Facial Intercourse
Source: vinesplanet

Use a sucking motion on each others tongues and an in an out motion. Suck each others lips. Mimicking intercourse with your mouths really ups the ante.

9. #9 The Toothbrush

#9 The Toothbrush
Source: vinesplanet

Run your tongue over their front teeth for a sizzling response.

10. #10 Be Fresh

#10 Be Fresh
Source: vinesplanet

None of these techniques will work well if you don’t have fresh breath. First things first… floss and brush, and don’t forget to brush your tongue,

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