20 Worst Jobs to Have And You Think Your Job Sucks

Do you think your job sucks? If you answered yes then maybe you should take a look at these top 20 worst jobs in the world. Would you want to do one of them? I doubt it.
So lets start off with the least worst.

Bridge Painter

Car Derby Photographer

Charcoal Maker

Crocodial feeder

Animal Self-Lover

Adult Toy Factory Worker

Elephant Trainer

High Tension Wire Worker

Knife Thrower’s Assistant

Adult Movie Theater Janitor

Deodrant Tester

Porta Potty Cleaner

Rooftop Snow Shoveler

Sewer Cleaner

Stun Gun Tester

Gross Competition Stunt Tester

Sumo Unform Adjuster

Amusement Park Vomit Cleaner

Utility Pole Technician

Target Holder

Now, stop complaining already?

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