25 Mind-Blowing Facts About $@x That You Definitely Didn’t Learn In High School

If you think about it, sex is a little bit weird. Sure, it’s also a lot of fun and it feels great, but surely nature could have come up with a less embarrassing way to make babies? If you’re not convinced, take a look at these bizarre facts that we’ve dug up from the animal and human sex world. These just might kill your mood – or get you into it. We’re not going to judge. #20 will gross you out!

1. Transgender Porn Is Mostly Watched By Straight Men

Well porn in general is mostly watched by straight men, but transgender? Apparently, it’s the fourth most popular type of porn online. Call it fascination, education, or trying to reconstruct that hazy night in Thailand, those straight men just lap it up.

2. Educated White Women Have More Anal Sex Than Any Other Group

If this one doesn’t raise a quizzical eyebrow, we’re not sure what will. We’ve got to assume that this study only covers straight groups, but we still don’t really know how to make sense of the data. We just hope they’re enjoying themselves.

3. Women Are Aroused By Chimpanzee Porn

Apparently, women who watch chimpanzees getting dirty also get aroused. As weird as that is, what’s weirder is that someone actually designed and carried out the study at all. Don’t these scientists have anything better to do? Like cure cancer?

4. Four Popes Have Died While Having Sex

We can’t claim to be experts at Catholicism, but there’s something really bothering us about this statistic. Aren’t they not supposed to… shouldn’t they be abstaining… why the hell are Popes having sex in the first place? I suppose we can take comfort from the fact that they’re clearly not doing it that often. Or it wouldn’t have been that exciting.

5. Gay Men Have Bigger Penises Than Straight Men

Could be a kind of chicken-egg situation, this one. Do gay men have bigger penises because of their genetic make-up, or do their bigger penises somehow draw them in to being gay? We don’t know (and we should quit with the ignorant speculation), but the stats are out, and pretty plain: they’re better hung than straight guys.

6. Old People Have A Lot Of Sex

If the news of Keith Richards becoming a dad again didn’t clue you in, here’s the cold, hard (eww) truth: those oldsters are getting down and dirty all the time. It’s not just the rockstars. In fact, STDs between the elderly have gone through the roof, and more a third of physically able women over 80 are still doing it. I guess it’s either that or play bridge.

7. Two-Thirds Of People Fantasize About Other People While Having Sex

In what seems like a pretty clear indication of worldwide sexual dissatisfaction, studies have shown that two-thirds of people who are having sex are actually thinking about doing it with someone else. Although this could be someone like The Queen or The Elephant Man, which is a totally valid prolonging strategy.

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