5 Secrets By Vivekananda To Lead A Successful Life

Invoke the spiritual being

Shri Vivekananda, a disciple and devoted student of Shri Ram Krishna, was India’s leading spiritual leader who helped evoke the religious consciousness within the people and refined the way of living their life.

Way to spiritual contentment

He taught the population to grow a selfless attitude in life to help prosper and live in spiritual contentment.

Seek the true purpose of life

Although he belonged to an affluent, highly educated family, he gave it all up to follow the spiritual path and seek his true purpose in life.

Discovering the real truth

Swami Vivekananda, a name he adopted when he, along with his early followers formed a new school of thought, was deeply affected by the plight of the Indian population as he began his discovery of India.

Laws of Life

Emerging as one of the greatest thought leaders of the country, Swami Vivekananda coined five laws of life for a successful life!

Law #1 See things in proper light

It is up to you to determine your outlook in life. you could choose to see the positive or you could be sad with the negatives. Just as there are two sides to a coin, every situation, circumstance or opportunity can go either way.


If you make most of it, it will lead you to success and if you choose to ignore it or cry about it, you will end up wasting time.

Be logical

There is logic in everything we see and do. In fact, everything in the in the universe has rational and logic attached to it. You do not have to be affected by evil. You can ignore it and look for the goodness in things.

Law #2 Nothing is impossible

Perhaps, the most important one to remember and use! The biggest sin in the world one can commit is to say ‘I give up!’ You cannot and should not give up. It means you don’t trust yourself and your life is useless.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and work on your strengths. Just like everything in the universe, you are unique too. So you need not be like others.

Law #3 Spread happiness and you will be happier

The joy of giving is bigger than the joy of receiving, don’t you agree? Be the source of happiness for someone; it could be a gift, a compliment or a surprise hug.

Gift of contentment

When you chance upon a needy person, give them food or money and then see how you feel – lighter? Happier? Accomplished? Yes, the feeling of contentment is bigger than anything in this world!

Law #4: Listen to your inner self – your soul

Go by your gut feeling; it’s almost never wrong! When things are not going your way, always listen to your soul!


Your soul will never lie to you and give you the best, truthful answers. In confusion, meditate.

Law #5 Love is everything in life

Love is the most powerful emotion. It is whole in itself. Love can help attain real pleasures of life. love is unconditional, it does not pretend.

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