6 Awkward Situations All Women Find Themselves in Every Winter

After the uncomfortable and sweaty summer, winter comes as a welcome relief. Not only does the sun become bearable, but with the onset of winter, we can finally pull out the stylish trench coats and boots. But like a lot of things in life, even winter refuses to be a woman’s friend. It brings problems for which there are no comfortable solutions.

Here are six awkward situations women find themselves in during the winter. We’re in the same boat, girl.

Your hair takes on the exact shape of your cap.

Your ankles give away some hairy secrets, every time you sit.

The stockings look great until they start falling down. And the best part? You manage to rip them with your nails while pulling them up.

No amount of lip balm or moisturiser is ever enough.

You’ll ace the game of wearing layers and look like the ultimate style diva. But the game is over when your bladder is about to burst, and you can’t seem to get your pants off fast enough.

Your nipples will want to assert their presence in every conversation.

We feel you, we really do.

Source: Vagabomb | Illustrations by Puneet Gaur 

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