7 Absolute Differences Between Having $@x With Your Partner And Pro

Having $@x is an act that sometimes serve as a hobby, an act of channelling your inner sexual god, or a sacred form of expressing your love to a certain person–giving your all, as others say. Sometimes, it is a way for a certain person to fill in his or her worldly urges–as some resort to anonymous people in order to get this privilege.

Believe it or not, people would show their different ways on executing this to different kinds of people.

Let’s start to identify the differences between two entities: Assume that you’re a husband and you know your wife too well. One day, you decided to resort to a slut because of your sexual needs your wife cannot provide you. Before doing so, you must first know what to expect.

Apparently, there’s a strong difference between having sex with your wife, and banging a slut. What are they? Here.


1. $@x with your wife is more of  ‘making love’ than ‘tripping’.

1. Sex with your wife is more of  'making love' than 'tripping'.

Precisely, you did not marry your wife entirely for sex, right? So, that’s one of the most obvious difference. An emotion of passion will seep in through the bones only when doing it with the one you really love.

2. For partners, they know how to please each other better.

2. For partners, they know how to please each other better.

Unless the slut is your regular ‘hot pick’ (She would also know what’s best for both of you.)

3. Sluts say, “It’s more about the money”.

3. Sluts say,

Sex, for them, is a service. After all the sexual positions, jobs and the likes, there must be a payment. Sex is a commodity for them. But for wives, the involvement of money is a long term responsibility. Money is important for a family to survive. There is a lot of things to buy, and there should be stuff for home, education, leisure, hygiene and more.

4. Mornings mean ‘game over’ to sluts, while it’s gonna be another romantic day for wives.

4. Mornings mean 'game over' to sluts, while it's gonna be another romantic day for wives.

True enough. What will a slut do in the morning. She has to rest or do other personal errands.

5. Sluts have above average $@x skills set.

5. Sluts have above average sex skills set.

They encounter different customers each day, so there’s a lot of opportunities to practice and be perfect. Although not everyone like the standard way, at least sluts can vary their work.

6. You can request anything from a slut.

6. You can request anything from a slut.

Of course, you cannot order your wife to be a masochist for hours or be a slave unless she wants it too. But for them needed-to-get-paid girls, it’s fine. They’re prepared.

7. $@x is $@x for sluts. No more, no less.

7. Sex is sex for sluts. No more, no less.

You are not required to open up your personal dilemmas because a slut might not always get the context. As compared to your wife, you could get the opportunity also to talk about how your lives are going, and it will even help strengthen your relationship.



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