7 Most Unsafe Countries For Women In The World

1) Afghanistan

Afghanistan has 87% illiterate female population. Girls are forced to get married at an early age of 15-19 years. There are a number of domestic abuse cases reported in Afghan courts. The maternal mortality ratio is 400 in 100,000 in this country.


2) The Democratic Republic of Congo

Gender based discrimination and domestic violence are some common problems faced by the women in Congo. According to the American Journal of Public Health, 1,150 women face $exual harassment every day in Congo.


3) India

Gang rape, child marriage and human trafficking are some common problems faced by women in India. Research proposes that there have been 50 millioninstances of female child murder reported in India in the course of the most recent 30 years.


4) Somalia

Somalia is an African country devoid of law and order. 95% of female population faces genital mutilation around the ages of 4-11. Apart from FGM, high maternal mortality, $exual abuse, child marriage are other problems faced by women of this terrible country.


5) Colombia

The National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science reported the highest number of gender-based violence cases in Colombia in 2010. Fortunately, there are few organizations that provide post-violence care to the victims of domestic violence and acid attack in Colombia. The sad part is that these victims never receive any justice for the physical and mental trauma faced by them. Men never feel guilt for their misconduct and move freely in the country without any charges laid on them.


6) Egypt

Lewd behavior and aggressive behavior at home are normal issues confronted by ladies in Egypt. The judicial system of Egypt doesn’t protect the rights of women. Egyptian female population remains deprived of their rights to marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance.


7) Mexico

The legal system of Mexico doesn’t protect women against domestic and sxual abuse. Just couple of ladies who approach to report such attack in that capacity cases are managed uncertainty, detachment and irreverence in the nation.


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