7 Times When Audience Caught Bollywood Beauties In MM$ Clips!!

The girls sprung to their defence when the explicit images were made public. You may have seen a number of vulgar images before. They are on sale outside train stations and on highway shacks around Mumbai. They are hawked as explicit videos of our Bollywood stars and promise a peek into the private lives of our actresses.  These images often make headlines, be it the alleged video of Preity Zinta taking a shower or the alleged video of Sonakshi Sinha getting intimate with a man.

These images are splashed on the internet and forwarded by so called fans to each other and our actresses deny that they are the faces and the bodies featured in these vulgar videos.

But how many of you believe them? And the videos continue to be circulated.

Kareena Kapoorkareena-and-shahids-leaked-mms-controversy-1

A leaked MMS of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor started doing the rounds in 2004. The duo grabbed headlines and both the actors have since contested the accuracy of the clip.

Preity Zintapreity

A clip said to feature Preity bathing found its way online and wreaked havoc. Preity denied that it was her in the video and it was soon revealed that it was actually a Preity Zinta lookalike.

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