8 Embarrassing Photos Of Couples Who Really Need to Get a Room

But for some celebrity couples, that private sweet love turns into an over-the-top PDA that may — or may not — make you want to shield your eyes.

Here now are seven of the most affectionate famous duos that simply can’t keep their hands off each other. Warning: They may just make you a little lovesick too.

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

We’ve seen their extravagant public displays of love to each other on many occasions. You know, like that time Kim rented out the Staples Center for Kanye’s 38th birthday or when the rapper rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Park for his proposal. But these two definitely don’t limit their expressions of love to the inside of stadiums and arenas.

The reality star once used Instagram to share not only how she kisses, but how she even licks Kanye’s face.

Yeezus! These two are macking on each other just about everywhere they go together.

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2. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

July 5 will mark their one-year wedding anniversary, but Jessica and Eric are still in newlywed bliss. Jessica shared that her former NFL player husband recreated scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey scenes with her for Valentine’s Day.

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