8 Reasons Why Men Should Never Wear Skinny Jeans

In spite of the fact that fashion conscious men know that they shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, some men are ignorant. Skinny jeans never look good on males and they are only best suited for women. When buys on the other hand wear skinny jeans, it is like they have come to a mockery club of some sort. So if you are a man and reading this article, its better you realize that you are lacking self awareness.


“Ugh I’m stuck”

This is not what the man is saying but what his b*lls are, am I right? He is buys eating but has no idea that his system is on display.

Parody, is it?

If you are bulky and you know it, no need to wear skinny jeans and pretend to be a hulk. It doesn’t look good!

Too skinny

Now skinny people also shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, unless they want to look their worse and be made fun of. No, I know everyone should wear what they want, but really? Are you so desperate to wear skinny jeans when you look like that?

Conan on a roll

He might be showing off his moves or his s*xy legs according to him, but it is better that you do not. I have no idea what he was trying to prove, along with that look on his face.

No space

Now those jeans are so tight, that I have no idea how that man is able to walk. Doesn’t he notice people are clicking his pictures on the way?

What you doing man?

Are these ladies jeans that he is wearing? Maybe he had no clue he entered into the wrong store when he bought those.

All eyes on you

Maybe the zebra pattern was what he went for, but he has no idea that skinny is still skinny. People all around him are poking fun at him while he is busy having his drink and showing off his latest style.

Different colors

Now that might be a band of gay men, but colorful and skinny, also do not get along. So pair up a good loose jeans boy, or like them, you will also be made fun of online!

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