9 Ways To Make Your Woman Scream In Bed During $*X

From interviewing beautiful women for the Sex God Method and from talking with female friends informally, I know there are a few things which almost EVERY woman wishes men did more of in bed. Here are the top 9:

  • Giving her an orgasm before the intercourse starts

When the women are in bed the only purpose they tend to make is to have an orgasm. You need to be the one which is going to led them to do that.

This implies “foreplay” as a rule comprises of a couple of minutes of compulsory kissing, trailed by a couple of minutes of mandatory bosom incitement, trailed by a couple of minutes of required cunnilingus until a definitive objective of intercourse is come to. This isn’t what ladies need!

In the event that you can give her a climax before you infiltrate her, then it’s GUARANTEED to be great sex in her book, regardless of the possibility that you don’t keep going the length of you’d like. What’s more, on top of this, giving her a climax will make her more responsive and MUCH more inclined to have another climax amid intercourse. Sex turns out to be better for you, and for her.


Most men only pay attention to the “obvious” spots on a woman’s body when trying to give her sexual pleasure, like the breasts, clitoris and g-spot. But women don’t want you to ONLY pay attention to these spots … they want you to pay attention to their WHOLE BODY.

This is because there are 16 other “hidden” erogenous zones on her body which can give her pleasure, and which can actually make her MORE sensitive to vaginal stimulation. Most men don’t know about these … but if you’re one of the rare men who does, then she’ll be screaming your name in pleasure.

  • Enduring longer in bed

It is confirmed that:

“Ladies wouldn’t fret on the off chance that you don’t keep going that long in bed, insofar as you’re great with your fingers”.

Every woman hates when the man boosts very quickly because it means that it will keep them away from having climaxes.

You have to know how to most recent 30 minutes in bed AT THE MINIMUM. In the event that you truly need to drive ladies wild, then you ought to figure out how to last over a hour in bed. What’s more, obviously you can have a “fast in and out” on occasion, however more often than not ladies will require at least 30 minutes of intercourse to have numerous climaxes.


From many conversations and interviews with women I know the typical man in bed does almost no teasing. He just plows forwards directly to his goal of intercourse with no finesse, just doing the minimum necessary to get to penetration.

What women want is for you to build up to a sexual action with teasing until she’s practically begging you for it. THEN give her the gratification. For example, with oral sex most men just dive right in. What would turn her on much more is if you kiss up her inner thighs, and breathe warmly on her vagina. Then, so lightly she can barely feel it, run your tongue over her clitoris.

Do this until she’s pleading with you to give her more and THEN give her the gratification. She’ll enjoy it about a hundred times more. This leads into the next things women want more of in bed, which is…

  • More oral $*x

You need to give your woman oral satisfying moments.

‘’I am good with my fingers it’s just not enough’’

In the event that you know how to do it right, giving her oral sex is the speediest and least demanding approach to give her climaxes. Furthermore, once you make her complete through oral sex she’ll be MUCH more responsive amid intercourse … and a great deal more inclined to go down on you. Give your better half a lot of oral sex, and she will love you for it.


Most men are afraid to say ANYTHING or make any noise in bed because they’re afraid the woman will think they’re cheesy or weird. But if they were privy to these private female conversations, they would know the exact OPPOSITE is true. A woman gets weirded out by a guy who is completely silent in bed, because she doesn’t know whether or not he’s even enjoying it. It’s a turn-off. Think about it: would you be turned on more by a woman who lay there as silent and still as a corpse, or a woman who screaming your name in pleasure and telling you she loved your cock? You need to learn how to be vocal in bed, and how to turn a woman on through sexual talk.

  • Utilizing more sexual eye contact

In case you had climaxes while you were looking your partner in the eyes you know how is the feeling. This is one of the biggest and the most seriously pleasurable encounters you can ever have. The eye contact can say something that words can’t.

Begin to work some eye contact into your sexual experiences, and perceive the amount it turns her on. Obviously you need to figure out how to do this in the RIGHT way … however once you do, she’ll adore it.


After sex, she is completely open and vulnerable to you. Most guys squander this time though by ignoring her after sex, or by just going to sleep. Women don’t “come down” from sexual pleasure as quickly as men though, so she’s going to want you to hold her and be close to her while she does. Believe me, she’ll enjoy sex MUCH more of you just spend a few minutes doing this.

Plus, what most guys don’t know is that after sex is the best time to strengthen her sexual bond to you, so that she wants to have sex MORE in the future. If you’re doing the right things here, you’ll never have to beg and plead for sex because her sexual bond to you will be so strong she’ll be eager for sex whenever you want it.

  • Learning how to give her orgasms

As a man you need to thing that is very difficult to think about her weaknesses to make her satisfied in bed. All things considered, to take in ANY different less imperative ability, you would search out data on the best way to do it. That is to say, would you attempt to take in a game or military craftsmanship by simply making sense of everything yourself? On the other hand would you read and watch a few things to take in the essentials, and get a COACH to help you?

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