Are You a Devoted Nutella Fan? Yikes, You’re in Danger!

What is one person’s pleasure is another’s danger. You can assume I’m talking about the sweet things, sweet as Nuttela. Who wouldn’t grab a bite of Nuttela filled pancake? The taste of cocoa, hazelnuts and other sweet ingredients is so tempting. I have friends that are hooked on Nutella. It’s a popular go-to food but definitely not-so-healthy food. It appears that this tasty treat can harm your health and the environment!

It seems that everyone is sharing their great Nutella moment, but no one seems to question the negative effects and the dangers of eating the creamy sweet pleasure. There are bad sides of eating Nutella, I can assure you.

We are going to start with the ‘invisible’ ingredients that Nutella contains. Those ingredients are sneaking inside the jar ready to harm your waistline and modify some other body parts in a bad way. Remember them good: lecithin, monosodium glutamate and palm seed oil. They are your worst nightmare, your greatest enemy while battling the extra pounds.



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Bad Side of Nutella

Monosodium Glutamate or simply known as MSG is a salt that comes out of the glutamate or the amino acid Glutamic Acid. In other terms, a single mono sodium atom is added to glutamate. Nutella adds this ingredient to the vanilla so it can enhance the flavor. Vanilla is one of Nutella’s primary flavors and it’s pretty logical it will be more flavorful if vanilla taste gets enhanced, but using MSG?! Even though MSG is linked to numerous side effects that have negative impact on our health, it is deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Now, read the list of the negative effects caused by MSG: profuse sweating, flushing of the chicks, feeling pressure or tightness in the face, intense headaches, a fluttering or a rapid heartbeat, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, numbness or tingling in the face and neck.


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Soy lecithin is also found in Nutella. In other words, GMO is ‘in the house’. It’s the waste product of soy oil. After the soil oil undergoes the process of degumming, soybean lecithin is practically the left over, a sediment that contains pesticides and solvents. You can’t notice this one unless you are told about it. It’s hiding in the Nutella jar and you knew nothing about it. Would you have a teaspoon of Nutella now?

Palm oil is just another hidden ingredient found in Nutella that is bad for your health. Palm oil is made from the seeds of the palm tree. Say no-no to the palm oil because it is really high in fat. Your waste line will soon change for the worse and it’s also bad for the heart. Not to mention it’s bad for the environment. Because palm oil is derived from the seeds of the palm trees that are native to tropical areas, the manufacturers are knocking down trees and by doing this awful misdeed, the ecosystem is being changed. The Earth is being struck by deforestation which leads to animal extinction. It’s a negative chained reaction in which we have no interest participating. On the contrary, I would rather abstain and make a contribution to the environment than have a Nutella for unhealthy dinner. I know you would too.

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