GF caught his BF and her best friend in bed! What happens next was unexpected!

  • Man tried to prank his girl by trying to cheat on her! 
  • Turns out that he was the one who was surprised by his own prank! 


We all know for a fact that these days, more and more relationships end to end earlier than expected because on of them is unfaithful.
Now, how would you actually react when you spotted your boyfriend and your best-friend in bed?
A man decided to prank his girlfriend by asking her best-friend to act as if they’re doing something nasty in bed. To his surprise, the best friend of his GF agreed to his plans.

They set up cameras all over the room and applied lipstick all over his face, pretending that they’ve already been doing it for long.
Moments later, his girlfriend entered the room. At first, she was mad, but then, a few moments later, he was surprised when his girlfriend and her best friend did THIS!

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