Girl’s Father, Brother And Uncle Rapes Her For 2 Years, Mother Says “Apne Hi Toh Hai”

This is by far the most disgusting things I have ever heard and also something which you will feel disgusted about. A small subdivison in West Bengal, Dhupguri witnessed the most heinous and shameful case of rape, wherein the Uncle, Dad and brother raped the girl for continuous two years. The girl in question is none other than their own daughter, sister and niece.


The girl has been terrified by the incident so much that she even attempted to commit suicide four times and during these two years of sexual harassment she conceived 2 time. What comes as shock is the fact that her mother never tried to protect her rather used to console her saying, they are her own and can do whatever they want. There is no harm since they are not strangers.


The girl finally got the courage to file a complaint against the shameful criminals and rapist, after she discussed the issue with her school teacher. But on Thursday when she tried returned back home, her 20 year old brother, again raped her tying her hands and legs.

The school teacher who is himself a father is in utter shock after the incident and has no words to say. But took a great step so that the girl does not need to face this again. The school teacher and the principal took the girl to Dhupgiri Police Station on Friday and filed an FIR against the culprits.


Her so-called Uncle was arrest with immediate effect whereas the father and the brother were arrested later that day. The mother of the girl was found missing and the police has become more alert and is in search of the lady.

This is truly disgusting, Calling such people mother, father, and brother is itself a shame, Calling them monsters will be an understatement.

This is the reason why people are become ferocious and are least bothered to take help of the police, because the justice is always delayed.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

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