His Wife Performs An Erotic Lap Dance On Him And THIS Is His Reaction!

Usually, husbands are expected to feel super ecstatic and go wild if their wives perform an erotic dance on them as a surprise. But one man felt the completely opposed and didn’t even dare to confide his utter disappointment and shock.

Scroll down to know how the husband reacted to wife’s lap dance:

As identified as Mia Tha Vixxxen, she performs a lap dance on her hubby and posted the same video on YouTube with a caption “Lucky Ones! Dance duo with hubby!!”

But it was her husband’s response that made this video spread like a wildfire on the Internet…


Apparently, her significant other is not at all impressed with her amatory moves and could not hide that one can clearly make out from his face in the video.

Unaffected by his wife’s dirty lap dance, the man who couldn’t even smile, didn’t bother to hide his world-weariness.


And at one point, the absolutely let down husband looks away and scratches his chin regardless of the fact that his response was being chronicled.

Check this video

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