If Every Politician Was As Hot As Denmark’s Nikita Klaestrup, Politics Would Be So Much More Interesting

Some politicians look hot, I must admit. Like just one moment ago while I was consoling my friend about the Trump thing, I said something about Canada and she was like “Ohh Trudeau is so hott!” and yes, I get that. But that’s it. That’s the limit. Trudeau ain’t Adam Levine and Sarah Palin ain’t Kylie Jenner. They can be hot to some extent. Now, here we have Denmark’s Nikita Klæstrup, who has taken this bar and set it a tad higher than the level of Kate Upton. No, just kidding. No one beats Kate Upton.


Nikita Klæstrup is a member of Denmark’s Red-Green Alliance in the Guldborgsund Municipality.

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