Meet The Man Who Spent 9 Hours Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

Have you ever wondered whether your Excel sheet has an end or not? It is VAST and many a times we feel there is no end to it. When we scroll down, the rows go on and on, However, there is one YouTuber named Hunter Hobbs, from Okhlahoma University, who has actually figured out how much time it is taken to reach the bottom.

He took up a “Challenge” and finally decided to end the curiosity. It was just him, the timer and the down arrow key. He actually put an end to those endless spreadsheets; do you want to know how much time it took?

It took a whopping 9 hours; yes, he actually kept pressing the down arrow key without taking a break or without cheating. After 9 hours, we was at the bottom. Watch the video…

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OMG, this is so foolish, isn’t it? He could have easily done it without wasting his 9 hours, isn’t it? This was really insane, i wouldn’t have wasted my time this way, LOL

Secret to reach the bottom in 1 second

For all those who don’t know let us tell you a secret; you can actually reach the bottom of the excel sheet in just one minute. Do you wish to know how? Just 2 magic keys Ctrl + Down arrow and you will be done. Do it right away and you will thank us…


Hope you have understood the secret by now; don’t waste your time in such things; do it with these 2 magic keys and concentrate on other works instead.

We wonder what made this man waste so much time….

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