Pregnant 12-year-old girl brought to hospital by 45-year-old ‘husband’ is victim of child trafficking, cops reveal

This bizarre story is from China where a girl was taken to the Xuzhou City Central Hospital, by her husband and another lady who was saying that she is her mother in law, and young girl was claimed to be three months pregnant and that she required a routine test to confirm that her foetus was healthy.  You must be thinking why I am calling it bizarre? The strange thing is the young girl was only 12 years old. To read whole shocking story scroll down!

A young girl was taken to hospital by 40 year old husband claiming that she is 20 year old and now she is 3 months pregnant.

The man got arrested when it revealed that she is not more than 12 years. Her Identity Is Being Kept Unrevealed.

They thought that doctors won’t get to know that she is young. But doctors instantly called local authorities when they got to know the young patient to be more like a teen age than a “woman”. Doctors who tried to investigate the girl were unable to get any answers from young girl, as she did not speak any Mandarin.

One of the staff who discloses the fact she is young said: “It’s obvious she is just a child, and certainly not anywhere near 20 years old.” Their suspicion is also said to have angered the husband, who was quoted as saying: “I took her here to be examined – just do your job. Stop asking so many questions.”

When police officers reached hospital, they found that the girl did not own a Chinese ID and reveal that she was a foreign national from Southeast Asia, however her exact country is still unclear. Police officers got to know that she was kidnapped or bought as a foreign bride – the Chinese have a history of buying Vietnamese brides from all over the country’s southern border.

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