Sunil Grover Does NOT Want To Promote “Coffee With D” Anymore! Here’s Why!

Unquestionably, “Coffee with D” is among the most controversial ventures Sunil Grover has ever had in his career. Recently, it was reported that Vishal Mishra as well as makers of the movie had been upset and distressed keeping in mind how they were ditched by Sunil who didn’t promote the flick.

As we know that promotions play a key role in the success of any movie, this must have been a thing to worry on the part of makers and the director. As per them, the underworld had threatened them with regard to the venture and what added to their traumatic situation was the decision of the lead actor of not promoting “Coffee with D”.

Lately, the comedian turned actor took to Twitter and explained the reason as to why he was not interested in promotions. Well, what he revealed is something a number of other Bollywood actors can relate to. According to him, the full movie is not shown to him and until he gets to see something completely, he’s not interested in either promoting it.

He tweeted, “How do I promote something I don’t know what is in it. Makers had promised me to show the film, they did not. Kal Kal karte Kalyug aa Gaya.”

His role is of a journo in the movie and it’s an open secret now that his character appears to have been inspired by none other than very popular Arnab Goswami while the character of Dawood Ibrahim is played by Zakir Hussain. The movie showcases what all it takes a reporter to arrange an interview with the linchpin.


There is no denying the fact that Grover has barely spent a day in promoting the flick and looks that the conflict between him and makers will augment further. It all started when the news circulated that no promotions of “Coffee with D” would be done on “The Kapil Sharma Show”. It unquestionably shocked all and sundry to a great extent and it was observed by a number of people that “Vaisakhi List”, Grover’s Punjabi film, was promoted for hardly five minutes on the reality comedy show. Individuals raised questions on his equation with the comedy king to which Sunil said that all was going well between them, as revealed by Grover in an interview with Bollywood Life. Here’s what he said,

“There were some issues about execution and time crunch. The Kapil Sharma Show is my show. I am not an outsider. I can also have a call on my film’s promotion. It is my call that the film does not get promoted on The Kapil Sharma Show.”

Don’t you smell a rat here? Something definitely seems to be fishy, doesn’t it?

Well, only time will reveal what all is wrong between Grover and makers of “Coffee with D”.

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