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Many women who’ve struggled to have kids are excited to have twins—even asking their physicians for twins. One reason is that they may not have the money for multiple IVF treatments (each round can cost up to $20k!), or they would love to have two kids at once, and never have to go through pregnancy again.

Unfortunately for many parents who give birth naturally, odds of having twins isn’t as successful as IVF treatments. You may be wondering what the chances of conceiving twins are and if you can increase the odds, right? Well, here’s your chance!


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These are the things you need to consider if you want to increase the odds of having twins:

  • Know your family’s history. Research your family’s history regarding having fraternal or identical twins. if the family has a history of these cases, then there is a higher possibility of conceiving twins.
  • To assist on having baby twins, be sure to eat more cereals and take in more food to gain weight.
  • Taking folic acids will give you 40% guarantee of having twins, but be sure to take food supplements to have a healthier body.
  • Consume more dairy products to help develop your hormones in getting pregnant.
  • Eating yams with compost chemicals will give you a better chance of being pregnant with twins.

Here are a few ‘sex positions’ that increase probability of having twins:

  • The best position would be when the woman needs to bend her knees while the man penetrates her from behind.
  • Standing position: the deep penetration allows more sperm to reach the egg on time.
  • Missionary: this position allows a woman to get pregnant easily.

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