This Is What Men Are Thinking When They Put Their Hand On A Woman’s Knee!

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said and that what isn’t said is often expressed through body language.

The first thing people often judge you on apart from your words is your body language. Your body language often speaks volumes about the kind of person you are – the way you greet someone, treat someone, most of the times becomes a deciding factor for your future, especially if you’re on your first date.

A man or a woman can give too many signals physically to indicate whether or not they want to take things to the next level. However, with the openness of today’s generation, it has now, kind of become difficult for women to understand what exactly is the message that is trying to be passed on by a man while either playing with a woman’s hair or while keeping his hand on her knee.

There are a lot of questions that run through a woman’s mind every time a man plays with her hair, tries to make her laugh, gets her a drink or touches her knee while talking.

Someone with a confused mind on Quora asked, “What does it mean when a man puts his hand on a woman’s knee?” To his knowledge, a man did this only when he wanted to have some physical connection with the woman he liked.


While some agreed they did so to take things to the next level, some said it was only to make the woman wait a little longer and not let her go. But, out of the many answers that the users gave, there was one that was absolutely on point.

“Ownership. Authority. Tribal seniority.
He’s making a priority claim, whether it’s overtly sexual or not.

Sometimes it can be provocatively paternal, fraternal and comforting, or protective, too.  As in: “who’s your daddy, baby, don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back for YOU.”

Least that’s the way I see it. It can be received as invasive, or promising; or a non-event.  It does indicate, I think, a secure,  aggressive, physically confident personality.  Both men and women who are shy or uncomfortable in the environment are unlikely to do this.  It takes confidence to reach out and touch someone.”
– Mark Stellar

Now that seemed to have come from a thorough gentleman.

Well, we wonder what the Twitterati-s would have said if only they were to answer this question?

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