This Is Why You Should Have $@x With Your Husband Every Night…

Relationships are not easy. We mean if someone says that it is easy to keep the either person happy, we’ll just take it as, ok, you might be a magician than.

It is not that easy and especially when you have to make your better half happy after they get back from work, all tired and sweaty. That is when the real thing comes into the picture. We know you might have scrolled through a thousand pages searching why you need to do that and how you can achieve that pleasure quotient but let me tell you, we have the exact scoop here for you.


1. Invest in your man.

1. Invest in your man. 

Similar to your role as a mom or a daughter or even a sister, while you have these responsibilities, you have an added on responsibility as well. And that is to make your man feel like your “MAN”. Treat him like one and make him feel loved.

2. Don’t forget to feel your feminity.

2. Don't forget to feel your feminity. 

Take out your time for sexy lovemaking and indulging in a good foreplay session.

Being a young mom is not an easy task and especially it never makes you feel feminine. Have a good night with your husband. You need that and he needs that more.


3. Reassuring s@x.

3. Reassuring sex. 

Romance is the heart and soul of a relationship and that makes your heart thump and hands sweat makes you build a good bond after all the domestic hassle you go through. It lets you know that you are still on an adventure and there is nothing you two cannot do.

4. S@x is fun.

4. Sex is fun. 

Oh , yes it is. We bet there is nothing more fun than feeling your heart beat rise up to a level unmatched and eyes feeling all dizzy in love.

Why not rediscover it daily?


5. It relieves stress.

5. It relieves stress. 

Doctors say it. Yes, sex is a good stress buster and as much as you would love cuddling with your man, try taking those hands on a tour a little. You know it will give you a better sleep and will increase your mental stability.

6. S@x is special, of course.

6. Sex is special, of course. 

The act of love-making is the only thing you share with your husband and you know it very well that it involves all your senses going numb and you feeling love at its best.

So, it does feel special and is worth enjoying daily especially if you had a rough day at work.


7. It increases immunity.

7. It increases immunity. 

Sex allows you a higher level of antibodies to defend your body against germs and viruses. It is scientifically proven that people having sex are healthy and less prone to falling sick.

8. It creates a happy marriage.

8. It creates a happy marriage. 

Whether you have sex two times a week or 10 times a week, it is not the frequency but the feelings that count. What’s important here is to have a good emotional connection with your husband. If this is happening, your marriage and family are most likely to stay happy.


9. Makeup s@x is never a bad idea.

9. Makeup sex is never a bad idea. 

Had a fight? So what, who doesn’t?

Just throw away your tantrums and get close to your partner. Let them know you love them irrespective of all the differences. Trust us, you will thank us for trying makeup sex.

10. You’ll sleep better.

10. You'll sleep better. 

The sleep you get just after making love is much more relaxed than the one you have after a rough day at work. Invest your time in your man and get a good night sleep while he cuddles and nibbles you.

Overall, healthier. Isn’t it?

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