This Video Is The Urge Of Every Indian Woman: Yes My Bra Strap May Show Sometimes, But Don’t Shame Me For It!



We’ve all been there before, getting into an auto or getting out of the car and fixing our dress; not because we think it’s inappropriate, but out of the fear that someone else might think so.


As women, we are blessed with an extra seventh sense of understanding at what point we really need to fix ourself, so why have we been living with the burden of being shamed for being comfortable?


Since we were mere kids wearing pinafore uniforms and skirts, it’s been drilled into our young minds that covering ourselves in public is the only way to ensure our safety against slut-shaming and objectification; it’s the only way to keep our dignity intact.


Elle India and WEvolve Global came up with this beautifully contrived video aiming at gender equality that is urging women to break free of these stereotypical teachings about how men and women need to behave.


Watch it here:



We women are more than just our clothes and our appearance in public doesn’t have to be a certification of our manners.


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