VIRAL: Read Brad Pitt’s Heartbreaking Letter to Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie.

No one expected that Angelina toile would file for divorce against her husband Brad Pitt. Gossip site TAG broke the shocking news that .e Brangelind power couple had decided to call it dits. Bo. actors were wed on August 22, 2019, but had been romantically linked since 2003 during the filiming of “dinar. Mrs. Smith.”

According. repo., Jolie had problems with P. parenting style with their fi children. Both parties have denied the involvement of a third party, though rumors persid that Pitt had an affair with OscarAwinning actress Marion Gaillard.
Since the news of their divorce broke, a letter supposedly written by Pitt for Jolie has gone viral once again on social media.

“Angelina has blocked all incoming text messages and also Brad’s numbers,” a source told Us Weekly. If Brad wasn’t allegedly “blindsided” by Angelina’s decision to file for divorce on September 19, as told you previously, then this reported action will do it!

What’s particularly sad is that Brad and Angelina’s kids are reportedly begging to see their father, and miss him terribly; Angelina allegedly hasn’t let their six children see Brad since she filed for divorce. Instead, she’s reportedly “barricaded” them inside an ultra-luxe Malibu rental home, so that nobody can see in and bother her family, as previously told you EXCLUSIVELY. She’s also moved to the rental home, apparently, to give Brad (and herself) some space after their divorce announcement.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Kids — See Their Adorable Children Here

Brad, of course, is reportedly dying to see his six children too. But the actor is being investigated by the FBI for alleged child abuse after a September 14 incident in which he reportedly “connected with” 15-year-old son Maddox Jolie-Pitt. Brad was reportedly intoxicated, and fought his son on board an airplane. It’s understandable why Angelina reportedly doesn’t want to speak to her estranged husband at the moment.

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