Do You Want to Smell Good ‘Down There’? Here Are 8 Of The Best Tips For You!

Easy and effective!

Vaginal odor is a very common health issue that almost every woman in the world has to deal with at least 1-2 times during their whole life. This problem could be caused by a lot of different reasons, including the overgrowth of bacteria, hormonal changes, poor hygiene, yeast infections, and STDs.

No matter what the reason, vaginal odor can cause women to suffer from the feeling of embarrassment. There are luckily several home remedies and natural tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor to help women stop this embarrassing issue fast and safely.

Here are several of simple ways to prevent and cure vaginal odor:

Avoid Red Meat


Red meat tastes really good, but it isn’t good for your vaginal hygiene. Apparently, it makes you sweat more and it makes your vagina smell just within 2 hours after consuming it.

A Pineapple a day keeps the odor away


This tropical fruit can help you sweeten the smell of your asset.

Consume more yogurt


Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus bacteria which helps in fighting vaginal odor. It also restores the normal pH level. For better results, have 2 cups of unsweetened plain yogurt daily.

Use wet wipes


Wet wipes come in various amazing fragrance. You can use wet wipes to make your vagina smell good.

Keep your undies clean every day


Of course this is a given! Changing your undies every day, and keeping them clean at all times is the best defense against vaginal odor.

Healthy food equals healthy you

Yeast infection causes the musky smell of vagina. Healthy diet repels such kind of infection.

Drink tea


It’s an old remedy, you can rinse your vagina with some tea. You can prefer mint or peppermint!

Visit your gynecologist


Schedule a visit to your gynecologist often, to make sure you haven’t contracted any STD’s, and be aware of any health problems regarding your vagina.

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