Woman Gives Birth To Her First Son Inside The Car And Her Husband Filmed It!

Very few Incredible moment comes in our life and if it comes with excitement fear and joy then it become especial.And that type moment comes in the life of a couple. Lesia and John Pettijohn, a couple was going to the Bay Area Birth Center in Texas.Because lesia is pregnant and she suffer from pain.So after Forty-five minutes into their drive to the hospital, Lesia went into labor and gave birth to their first son, Josiah inside the car. And that incredible moment captured on camera by Her husband.He recorded the entire delivery in a video.

This was risky too but we are glad the delivery was successful.They got their first son and named him Josiah.
You can watch the baby birth in this video!

A woman gave birth to her first child in the car.1

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