You Won’t Believe What Going on Exactly In This Massage Parlors

WAUKESHA — Waukesha police say “several arrests” have been made, and evidence was seized from three massage parlors and a home in connection with an ongoing investigation into possible criminal behavior occurring inside.

Police said there’s been an extensive investigation after information was provided to the Waukesha Police Department anonymously through Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County regarding possible prostitution and human trafficking.

Lilac Massage in Waukesha

Lilac Massage in Waukesha

According to police, the investigation verified some of the information from these complaints, which led to search warrants being issued for three businesses and one related residence.

As a result, several arrests were made and evidence was seized.

Waukesha police used a Chinese interpreter to interview the women, and the investigation is ongoing.

Sweet Thai Massage

Sweet Thai Massage

Brian Frederick told FOX6 News a friend of his wanted a regular sports massage at Sweet Thai Massage in Waukesha.

“It turned out to be a little more than a massage. He just said ‘no thanks’ and got the heck out of there,” Frederick said.

Those who work at a convenience store near one of the massage parlors said they noticed how the women there dressed.

Massage parlor in Waukesha

“Short shorts, tank tops, crop tops,” one of the convenience store employees said.

On Monday, one of the women came into the convenience store as police investigated.

“They’re trying to call China. They wanted to use our phone to call China,” one of the convenience store employees said.

The massage parlors now appear to have closed.

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